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Quick release woodworking vise with iron spindle

Products Details

KM178 7” 178 200 75 1 10/9 42X20X18
KM230 9” 230 255 105 1 18/16 49X25X19
KM230L 9” 230 330 105 1 19/17 57X25X22
KM265 10-1/2” 265 390 105 1 20/18 63X28X22

Product name: Quick release craftsman woodworking vise
Product specification:

Art NO. Specification(inch) Width of jaw(mm) Max opening(mm) Throat depth(mm) Q' ty/Ctn(pcs) G.w./N.w.(kgs) Packing Size(cm)
KM178 7" 178 200 77 1 10/9 42x20x18
KM230 9" 230 255 103 1 18/16 49x25x22
KM230L 9" 230 330 103 1 18.5/16.5 57x25x22
KM265 10-1/2" 265 390 103 1 20/18 63x28x22
KM330 13" 330 360 100 1 21/20 58x34x22

Product feature:

1.Made from high strength steel
2.Buttress Thread and End Stop
We use a buttress tread for the main screw. This thread style provides smoother operation and better clamping force. The end stop on the vise prevents the vise from being opened too far.
3.Rapid Action Nut
The rapid action feature on this vise allows you to quickly open and close the vise. Simply pull up on the handle and hold, this will cause the vise nut to disengage. Adjust the jaws to the appropriate opening and let go of the handle. A simple turn of the main handle will engage the screw and tighten the vise on the product.
4. Pre-Drilled Holes
This vise comes with several pre-drilled holes for quick sturdy mounting to your workbench. The vise also features holes that are pre-drilled into the jaws of the vise to allow for the mounting of wood facings.

Product packing:
* Export Carton or as request.
Product shipment:
* Port of loading: Qingdao, China.
* Delivery time: 45 days after payment.

Product pictures:

Woodworking Tool for Craftsman Quick Release Clamping