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Product specification:

Model NO. Width of jaw(mm) Max.Opening(mm) Q' ty/Ctn(pcs) G.w./N.w.(kgs) Packing Size(cm)
W04C 105 55 5 25/23 40x26x24
W045C 115 120 4 34/33 42x31x32

Product feature:

  • Right angle clamping
  • Holds workpieces of different thicknesses
  • Sturdy frame made from high grade ductile iron castings, powder coating finish to resist corrosion
  • Firmly hold your work pieces in one place with this heat resistant machined cast iron clamp produced by Hongzun tools. Capable of holding metals while welding, cutting, or even gouging this clamp has a multitude of uses. Along with being specially engineered for easy access to the metal and ease of use. For this clamp allows for access of even the difficult to maneuver upright joints, and assists further with allowing the weld, cut, or gouge to be achieved easily by it facing outward, and has a stand-off design that allows for even further increased access to the item being worked upon. All while having a quick acting screw that tightens/release your hold with an easy to operate handle that can be used even with bulky welding gloves. Making this clamp a must have to ensure a  tight hold on your work piece, have enough access to it in order to get the job done, and allow for easy adjustment to get the exact weld, cut, or gouge that you need.

Product packing:
* Export Carton or as request.
Product shipment:
* Port of loading: Qingdao, China.
* Delivery time: 45 days after payment.
Product pictures:

Right Angle Vise with Clearance Groove